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Snowy River Cycling was born from the passion of Liz Mitchell for the great possibilities of cycle touring as means of discovery of the fantastic, yet little explored East Gippsland landscape.

Liz embarked on a solo cycle tour of New Zealand at age 18, later followed by a four month tour through Scandinavia and communist (just) Eastern Europe, as well as many shorter tours in Victoria and NSW. Cycling is an everyday part of life, with the bike trailer which was installed as transport for two very young children now converted to the shopping trolley, as the 'children' now have their own cycle adventures.

From 2004 to 2007 Liz was event manager for Wilderness Bike Rides 'Errinundra - Snowy' events, taking several hundred cyclists on epic journeys through the mountains and forests of East Gippsland.

SRC now offers a range of riding options, from longer tours to day rides. New itineraries are being developed all the time to take advantage of the endless possibilities the area offers for cycling, from leisurely cruises to more challlenging explorations of remote mountain areas.

The East Gippsland Rail Trail offers an outstanding off road cycling experience: we can help you ride it at your own pace with a self guide package including all or just some of the following services: bike hire, accommodation, return transport and daily luggage transfers.

Custom tours can be specially organised for groups.

We place great importance on care and respect of both people and the environment. We seek to give riders an experience that increases their understanding of East Gippsland's environment whilst enjoying the physical activity of cycling in safety and good company.

Snowy River Cycling aims to minimize its impact on the environment. We operate from a home base that has been designed on passive and active solar principals, minimize the use of consumables and recycle as much as possible. Our tour management seeks to minimize landfill waste as much as possible, and we encourage you to consider travel to Orbost by train and transport link rather than by car!




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Tourism Merit Award

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