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Snowy River Cycling is based in Orbost on the Snowy River floodplain in East Gippsland, Victoria. It is at the eastern end of the 100km long East Gippsland Rail Trail which starts in Bairnsdale.Most Snowy River Cycling tours start and or finish in or near Orbost.

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Driving to East Gippsland.

Orbost is approximately four hours easy drive from both Melbourne and Canberra, and seven and a half hours drive from Sydney. For rides starting and finishing in Orbost, vehicles can be left for the ride duration at the Snowy River Cycling base in Orbost, at your own risk.

Bairnsdale is approximately three hours drive from Melbourne.

Public Transport to East Gippsland.

An excellent train service operates as far as Bairnsdale, the trip from Melbourne taking around 3.5 hours. All trains have a connecting coach to Orbost and Marlo.

About East Gippsland

East Gippsland is a green wedge right in south east corner of Australia, and is where the Snowy River cuts through mountain ranges to end at the sea. It is virtually the only place in Australia with nearly continuous native vegetation from alpine to coastal environments. It is at the junction of many different eco systems, giving rise to a huge diversity of plants and animals in a relatively small area. Numerous forest reserves and national parks conserve the unique features of the area: the Alpine, Snowy River and Errinundra National Parks, as well as the Cape Conran Coastal Reserve, all of which are visited on one or more Snowy River Cycling tours.



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