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What our Riders Say.

Hi Liz,  David and I thoroughly enjoyed our ride last week thanks to all your organisation. We have been asked by many friends about the ride and I sure we will do it again with others.  Sarah and David, April 2015

'We thoroughly enjoyed our ride and are recommending it to our friends. Your organisation made everything very easy: excellent information about each section of the trail, accommodation and facilities along the way and of course the luggage collection and deposit.' Jon, April 2015

'Glenda and I would like to thank you for all the work you put into organising our Rail Trail trip. It was a fantastic experience and we were delighted with the accommodation that you provided. We certainly will be recommending your company to other cyclists we ride with.' Chris and Glenda November 2014

'Thankyou for the delivery and use of bikes for last weekend. The Bikes were great quality and the trail was in good condition and we managed to have good weather throughout. Thanks for the planning and support of services.' Jamie May 2014

 'Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with my solo trip along the rail and discovery trail. I had a really refreshing time and whilst there were moments I did question my sanity in the thick of the heat wave I never once thought of work and as a result I came back feeling like I’d had a rest! I loved the townships of Orbost, Nowa Nowa and the Bullant Brewery at Bruthren especially, I loved a lot of the country side I saw along the way and would love to come back with a Winnebago or equivalent and park next to a spot along the riverside and just be.

You run a really great business in true style, you’ve thought of everything and more (so I didn’t have to) and I thank you for providing all the links that made these trails doable for me. I would highly recommend this trip to anyone with average fitness, a sense of adventure and a desire to see some more of the Australian countryside. I hope that small towns across Australia learn a lot from the success of your business and the Trails because it was such a great way to see the country and holiday.

Thanks again

Silla (February 2014, self guided rail trail tour)


Hi Liz, I just wanted to thank you for arranging our great cycling holiday last week. We had a fabulous 4 days with all the arrangements working out very smoothly thanks to your great organizational skills. We enjoyed your cottage in Bruthen and the farm stay at Tostaree with a lovely home cooked dinner. Many thanks for all your hard work and good luck with future business. We found the East Gippsland Rail Trail very under utilized so you are doing a great job to get it better known. After cycling there we drove to Bright and experienced a small part of the Murray to Mountains Rail Trail which was busy around the Bright area. All the best, Virginia. (January 2014, self guided rail trail tour)


'Thank you for another fantastic ride, it was really enjoyable and I thought the accommodation and meals were excellent.

The Bullant Brewery was very good and I loved the boat ride from Lakes Entrance to Wyanga Winery and the dinner there was delicious.

I really enjoyed staying at Greg and Vicki's farm, that view from my bedroom was beautiful, and Vicki's cooking was outstanding - altogether an all round winner'. Jenny, Lakes and Rail Trail Oct 2013


'Thank you for a wonderful adventure. The whole operation is a credit to you and very professional. I will certainly be recommending your trips to others and hope I can again participate in another “adventure” with you in the future.' Gwyn, 'Lakes and Rail Trail' Oct 2013

We too had a wonderful time last weekend. The riding was superb, the food to die for and your trip organisation faultless. Well done Liz, and we are looking forward to our next ride with Snowy River Cycling'.  Clive, Lakes and Rail Trail December 2012's not all about the k's (kilometres), it's about the c's (Companionship, camaraderie, cuisine, countryside and captivating scenery). The cycling is a bonus!' Helen, Snowgums to Seaweed, April 2012.

'Great organisation, great company, fabulous riding. Thanks so much''. Bob, Snowgums to Seaweed April 2012

Read Jimmy Bees blog aboaut his 5 day tour on the East Gippsland Rail Trail Redland U3A ,March 2012.

''Special thanks to you for your wonderful orgnaistoin of our trip. We all thoroughtly enjoyed every minute and apart from a puncture everything went perfectly. We would definitely recommend it to any other interested cyclists. Once again many thanks!' Vivien, Redlands U3A. Rail Trail tour March 2012

 'Another day cannot pass without congratulating you on the organisation of our recent ride. We were very impressed with all you did - great bikes, "interesting" accommodation and all so smoothly put together'. Ross and Liz, Armidale Downhill Walkers, Rail Trail tour March 2012.

 'We want to say thank for your well planned and organised cycle tour. We have enjoyed it immensely and thanks for fixing the 'seating arrangements'. Beverely and Robert, Rail Trail tour March 2012.

'Thank you so much for all your effort that went into making the bike ride a great experience for me. Nothing was too much trouble for you and you made us all feel very comfortable and safe. The food was outstanding, and plenty of it. I never realiesd how beautiful that part of Victoria was, and how fortunate was I to enjoy it up close and personal.' Robyn, Lakes and Rail Trail May 2011

'I found the tour to be excellent and better than I'd hoped. The riding and the scenery have been fantastic and I have really appreciated the local knowledge along the way'. Marianne, Snowgums to Seaweed April 2011

 'Organisation is tops and ability to adapt to group dynamics is tops also. It is great the way you have so much petience Liz. I feel fully supported when cycling'. Marjorie, Snowgums to Seaweed April 2011

'Excellent tour overall. One of the best trips I have done anywhere in terms of organisation and choice of riding localities.(Including travel in South America, NZ, Nepal, S Africa and New Guinea)' Peter, Snowgums to Seaweed Nov 2010

 'The best holiday I've ever had. Definitely do it again.' Pamela, Snowgums to Seaweed November 2010.

The best things were.."the cameraderie of a small group who got on well together. The FOOD, the fun, the scenery and visiting hidden and magical places that you wouldn't normally find just driving through."Libby Baulch, April 2010. ( HLCG and support crew)

"It was a week I'll never forget: being on a bike and in nature - bliss!"

The best things were: "The beautiful scenery, the meticulously detailed planning ( which really took away all stress from us punters and was part of the relaxation) - about the route, the food , accommodaiton, etc - and your calm leadership Liz. The food was also a highlight; wholesome, healthy and plenty of it!"Christina Hill, April 2010. ( HLCG and support crew)


"the snowy river trip was the best ever, great riding, great scenery, great places to stay, food and even local wine, fruit and honey! And because liz is a local she knows all the people and places which makes it so much more personal rather than the typical stay in a motel type bike trips. I thoughoroughly recommend snowy river cycling and i will be doing a second trip with Liz in a few months time."

 Ross March 2010. 


"The Woman from Snowy River"

From the HLCG and support crew, April 2010.

There was movement 'round the nation, for the word had got around,

That Snowy River Cycling was away.

To join the wild bush tracks over country high and low

Where all the knicks had gathered for the fray.

All the tried and noted riders, from places near and far, had mustered at Orbost overnight,

For cyclists love hard riding where the wild bush dirt roads are

And the bicycles sniff the hill climbs with delight.

There were endless opportunities to have another cup,

Of tea, and fresh bread rolls for lunch as white as snow.

Few could eat the helpings, constantly served up:

The lunch stayed close wherever bikes did go.

And Pezza of the cycle - tow came down to lend a hand,

No better horseman ever held the reins.

A track could never throw him while the wheel was in his hands,

He learnt to drive, and make coffee, and tell stories, and make people feel confidant and welcomed, while roving on the plains.

And one there was , a woman, riding 4 wheel drive AND bike

She was something like a racehorse undersized.

With a touch of veterinarian, three parts country dweller now

And such as are by mountain people prized.

She was hard and tough and wiry, just the sort that won't say die.

There was courage in her quick impatient tread.

She bore the badge of gameness in her bright and fiery eye

And every local tree name in her head.

But still so slight, and female, one would doubt her power to stay

Folk said " that business will never do, as another alternative regional income generating business venture,

Girl you'd better step away, These hills are far too rough for such as you"

So she waited , thinking , watchful, with Pezza as her friend

I think we ought to back this girl he said.

I warrant she'll be with us when she's wanted at the end,

For this cycle touring thing is years ahead.

They rode up the Snowy River, out by the Rams Head range

Where the hills are twice as steep and twice as rough.

Where the pedals strike firelight from the flint stones every stroke

The cyclists who hold their own are good enough.

There was Jeff the lycra rider, who was master of descent

While Marjorie powered past him up the hills

Issy tackled slopes with courage even though her lungs may burst

And Libby led the field most often, twixt the spills.

There was Jo the red clad terror, who could photograph AND ride,

And Christina, soon described as simply "Hill"

Not to mention "Pezza" Perry, who was well known far and wide

And the Gal from Snowy River showed her skill.

And the Snowy River riders on the mountain make their home,

Where the river runs, there's giant hills between.

I have seen full many riders since I first commenced to roam

But nowhere yet such riding I have seen.

And up by Gelantipy, Native Dog Flat, Deddick, Errinundra and Delegate

Where the snow gum, Manna gum, Shining gum, silver wattle, sassafras and black oliveberry rclad ridges rise

Their torn and rugged battlements on high

Where the air is clear as crystal and the white stars fairly blaze, at midnight in the cold and frosty sky

And where around the hairpin bends the gravel sweeps and and stays

The breezes and the rolling plains are wide

The woman from Snowy River is a household word today

And riders tell the story of their ride.



EG business award winner

Winner 'Tourism' category


Winner 'Eco-Adventure' category

Tourism Merit Award

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